Note: All "Before" and "After" Gallery photos were submitted by happy customers, using cell phones or equivalent. None of the usual professional photo tricks or enhancements were used.
Please feel free to submit your own Gallery photos to: If used, a Softlite fixture of your choice will be sent to you free of charge as our way of saying "thanks".

Before                                               After
“I always hated those recessed lights. They were like black holes in my ceilings with bare bulbs blasting down on me…much nicer now after I installed the softlites”.
L. Bader, Brooklyn, NY
“Love them. Headaches are gone now. I was squinting all the time with the old ceiling lights, Not any more.  Plus, the new lights are much more attractive…Nice modern design gave our home a whole new makeover”.
Jesse A., Annapolis, MD
“The light from the old can lights was really ugly. I made me look like I had raccoon eyes every time I looked in a mirror. Deep eye sockets and every little wrinkle looked like a big cracks in my skin. I still don’t look like a 20 year old, but the soft light is much nicer”
Leslie T., Kansas City, MO
“Amazing. For less than $80 I changed the whole look of the living room. They’re really pretty. My next door neighbor just saw them and ordered 8 for her apartment. A really big bang for the buck and easy to install. Took me less than two minutes each and I’m not exactly a “handy woman”.
C. Hartunian., Los Angeles, CA
“Really good looking. Easy to install,, tools. Just a step ladder. Highly recommended. I just bought 4 more for my Kitchen. I also like the fact that I can take them with me if I move”.
Jodey T., West Orange, NJ